Solar is an Investment like Gold

Based on current constraints, power can not continue to remain as cheap as it has for the last 3 generations. Demand, based on population, and per capita use is skyrocketing as the world goes digital. Supply, based on fossil fuel scarcity, and construction costs due to labor and rising raw material costs are forcing those prices up fast too. The result is ever increasing pressure on your power bill, as someone out there is always willing to pay.

Similar to a mortgage, or purchase of a vehicle, solar panels are an investment in your way of life, and insulate you from another nefarious bill, this time the power bill. When you own multiple properties, solar panels become an investment vehicle, and investment opportunity. By taking advantage of a unique opportunity to install solar panels with rebates and discounts, the returns are even greater near term.

When you purchase your car, you are deciding that you aren't going to take the bus anymore, and you aren't going to lease or rent a car either. If you are going to do this at all, you want ownership, and you purchase a vehicle based on need, choice, and cost. When you buy solar panels, you are locking in your high performance electricity consumption, at today's low rates. Consider it like buying the newest Corvette every year for the next 20 years. However, unlike the Corvette, the power is worth more every year, not less. So solar panel installations should be looked upon as an investment, like a 401K, bond or stock portfolio. When you purchase a fleet of solar panels, the investment looks similar to a car rental business like Hertz.

Solar panels are a fantastic investment, because you are the buyer of your own commodity. You would purchase electricity, your product, anyway. If you own the building, your tenants need a certain amount of power too. Why not buy and sell power to yourself, and stop paying the taxman, the delivery service, and the utility in the process. You aren't going to stop purchasing power any time soon, so admitting you need power for 20 years is no leap.

Today you have a unique opportunity with the incentives and rebates offered by the utility companies, and municipalities. When the government and power company make the repayment periods look like 5-7 years, instead of 20, based on incentives, tax breaks, and rebates, investment should show up in BIG LETTERS for you.

Finally, investment in tangible, profitable, and maintenance free assets is a very difficult task. Solar panel installations afford the opportunity to invest in tangible assets, geographically isolated and separated by property, to spread risk. Solar panel installations repay far more effectively than Treasury Bills at today's rates. Finally, solar panel installations add tangible value to property, offering another way to quickly exit these investment vehicles.

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