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Solar Power Production should play a vital role in our electricity production, and you are the key to making that happen. Solar Power Production should play a vital role in our electricity production, and you are the key to making that happen. Solar panels just aren't economically feasible for utility companies, so they will not invest in solar on a massive scale. However, due to politics, regulation, and environmental issues, they are paying you to do so instead. Solar power helps the ailing power grid. Solar power helps the environment and rid us of dependence on natural gas and fossil fuels. .

Solar power is the key to many problems, the answer to many questions. But you, the CUSTOMER have to install solar panels on your own. Nobody will ever force you to independently make power. "THEY" have no vested interest in you making this good decision for yourself. You have to want to.

Basically because you the customer have to decide you want to make a good decision for yourself, this website was born. The site is dedicated to helping you understand the myriad of reasons solar panels are fundamentally good for you, your wallet, your electronics, the environment, and your future.

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  1. We may Run out of Power
    The power grid is aging. Infrastructure is going up in price. Fossil fuels are becoming more scarce. Peak oil is a production reality.

  2. Utility Companies are Paying you To Comply for Them
    Rarely does a company pay to put others in direct competition with themselves. However, this is exactly what the power companies have done to avoid regulation. Take Advantage of it!

  • Solar is Your Option Alone
    Utility companies don't have the real estate, and aren't as close to the consumer (you), as the property owner (you) is. This makes you the best suited for solar power generation owner too.

  • You Save Money By Eliminating Delivery Costs
    In Colorado electricity delivery costs range from 27-35% of your power bill. When you make your own power, you don't have to pay these costs.

  • Free Power for 12-15 Years
    By purchasing solar panels, and getting paid for them in 5-8 years, you lock in 12-15 years of free power.

  • Voltage Correction for your Electronics
    Solar Panel installations, the inverters, and batteries associated, all contribute to a positive correction of voltage in your power supplied. This in turn helps electronics smoothly, and makes them last longer.

  • Based on Constraints, Solar is Cheap
    Based on current constraints, power can not continue to remain as cheap as it has for the last 3 generations. li>

  • Solar Power Production is Upgradeable
    Just like building a house, you can always add on to your solar panel system. The best part is that you usually don't even need to pull a permit to do so, like adding a new dishwasher.

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